The Evolution of TIGER Competencies and Informatics Resources

In 2006, the TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) Initiative convened a Summit of nursing stakeholders to develop, publish, and commit to an action plan to make healthcare safer, more effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely and equitable. In 2010, the TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC) was formed to develop informatics recommendations for all practicing nurses and nursing students. In 2011, the group published a landmark report titled Informatics Competencies for Every Practicing Nurse: Recommendations from the TIGER Collaborative.

It has been over seven years since the TICC was formed and we have experienced many exciting changes. Previously a standalone Foundation, TIGER transitioned to the HIMSS effective September 22, 2014, supported by the Clinical Informatics department. With this transition came a shift to a new interprofessional, interdisciplinary approach. TIGER now collaborates with and calls upon the work of the European Computer Driving License (EDCL), the Health IT Competencies Tool and Repository (HITComp), TIGER’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), TIGER’s International Competency Synthesis Project (ICSP) and the EU*US eHealth Work Project to continue the conversation around competencies as well as to add global, interdisciplinary and interprofessional perspectives. This new report is an update to the TICC landmark report, where each of our most recent projects, resources and tools are discussed in detail.