GuardRFID: Interoperability of RFID/RTLS Systems Within the Healthcare Enterprise

Once again, GuardRFID, a leader in RTLS interoperability within the healthcare industry, at HIMSS17, will demonstrate the capabilities of its technology to provide a range of functionality within a typical healthcare institution, with emphasis on sharing its system information with a variety of other healthcare systems used for providing patient care. GuardRFID has deployed its system within the 36,000 sq. feet HIMSS Interoperability ShowcaseTM Pavilion, and will provide location services to other vendors throughout the Showcase. Partnering vendors include medical equipment vendors, EMR and alert notification systems. Simultaneously, GuardRFID’s AllGuard system will also be able to receive real time updates from other systems, relevant to patients and patient care equipment. This information sharing is accomplished utilizing communication protocols based on HL-7, one of the prevailing communication standards in healthcare. Most importantly, data exchange among many IT-centric healthcare systems, is carried out without any proprietary interfaces. All interactions are based on communication standards developed by IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), and particularly by its Patient Care Device (PCD) working group.