Health IT Body of Knowledge

Welcome to our health IT beginners guide: essential definitions, descriptions and discussions of key topic areas related to health information systems and management.  If you are new to healthcare and/or new to healthcare IT, you will find basic information that you need to know to become grounded in the field. This collection focuses more on the management of systems and information, and less on the technical aspects of the subject matter.

Explore articles, tools, and guidelines from many authoritative sources, including HIMSS.  Each document has been reviewed by content experts to ensure credibility, accuracy, and completeness. Documents that are drawn from non-HIMSS sources are included with the express permission of the copyright holder.  That permission has been given to HIMSS alone, and all provisions of copyright continue to be held by the original copyright holder.  Permissions and attributions are listed under a link in the left hand navigation bar.

The Health IT Body of Knowledge will continue to be expanded and updated, so visit again soon!

HIMSS is deeply grateful to all publishers, organizations, and content experts who have cooperated and assisted in this project. Thank you!

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