Government Relations Team - Contact Us

The HIMSS Government Relations team is pleased to address your government relations questions and to assist our members during their trips to Washington, DC.

HIMSS National Capital Area Office
4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 250
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 562-8800  

Members of the HIMSS Government Relations team include:

Vice President, Government Relations 
(703) 562-8814

Samantha Burch, MA
Senior Director, Congressional Affairs
(703) 562-8847

Jeff Coughlin, MPP
Senior Director, Federal and State Affairs
(703) 562-8824

Valerie Rogers, MPH
Director, State and Government Affairs
(703) 562-8849

Eli Fleet, MBA
Director, Federal Affairs
(703) 562-8834

Cierra Bean, MPP
Coordinator, Government Relations
(703) 562-8879