Laws and Regulations

Privacy and Security are key policy topics in the healthcare industry and therefore at the top of the agenda for discussion and action by the administration, Congress, the federal government and the healthcare industry.

HIMSS Privacy and Security Initiative leverages member and staff subject matter expertise to provide insight and technical content expertise on privacy and security topics, to provide support to HIMSS government relations staff and HIMSS members, consistent with HIMSS’ primary policy focus - to provide leadership and education on healthcare issues and policy in order to remove barriers and enable implementation of solutions. See the HIMSS Public Policy Web Page for more information.

Privacy and Security Policy Task Force (P&S Policy TF)
The HIMSS Privacy and Security Task Force supports HIMSS advocacy activities by providing privacy and security expertise and input such as position statements, explanatory/educational materials, and model legislative texts for distribution to federal, state and local lawmakers as appropriate.

The P&S Policy TF work relating to legislative and regulatory actions is guided by the HIMSS Principles on Government Initiatives.

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