Horizon Family Medical Group

To improve patient engagement with the intention of enhancing patient care and outcomes, the 2016 Davies Ambulatory Awardee, Horizon Family Medical Group (HFMG) adopted a new focus from reactive to preventative medicine. New workflows lead to improvements in provider and patient interaction.  In 2015, HFMG was recognized by NCQA for its consistency in practice management quality, continual patient satisfaction, programs to help reduce cost and yearly improvements in patient outcomes.

Readmission rates dropped to 10.05% by tracking thousands of patients utilizing a sophisticated EMR and internal IT development team. The 30-day readmission rate is now 50% less than the national average.

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Reduced 17% of patient from excessive alcohol consumption by using the EBO reporting feature of eClinicalWorks. Alcohol screening also increased in compliancy by 19%, far exceeding the goal of 15% for the second year.

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HFMG increased patient engagement, face-to-face time by 27% for 15-minute appointment time slots with the help of the built-in workflow tools such as the Huddle Report. Counseling face-to-face time increased by 20% for a 20-minutes appointment time slots. The Huddle report helped increase compliancy for PQRS and HEDIS programs which lead to increased financial reimbursements in incentive dollars.

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