How to Apply Accelerated Learning and Spreads to Organizational Practice

Presented by:

Dennis Deas

Managing Director, Enterprise Performance Improvement

Kaiser Permanente

Ganesh Murthy

XLS Project Lead, Health System Performance

Kaiser Permanente

Because of their clinical and technical expertise, Nursing Informaticists (NIs) are frequently called upon to lead or consult on initiatives that start small but have the goal to spread wide for impact. Regardless of the size of an initiative, NIs can benefit from using a clear and systematic method to assess, understand, design, implement, evaluate, and spread best practices effectively. Organizations worldwide are creating rapid and effective changes through a shared framework using platforms like XLS, a model developed by Kaiser Permanente. With a shared framework, organizations can then focus on defined operational and breakthrough priorities, user experience, and measuring value. This webinar pinpoints the importance of implementing Learning Scale and Spreads through XLS and shares how it can be applied to your professional practice.

This webinar discusses the following objectives:

  1. Describe Accelerated Learning Spreads with an overview of XLS
  2. Share how Accelerated Learning Spreads can be used to support strategic priorities and large-scale initiatives (e.g., leadership alignment, tollgates, funding decisions)
  3. Illustrate real-life examples of Accelerated Learning Spreads being used in practice