Improving the Quality of CDA Documents with Testing and Tooling

Improving the quality of the information available in clinical CDA-based documents is critical to achieving the Health Story Project’s mission and objectives to increase access to records that support improved patient care coordination and outcomes. In this Roundtable presentation, Didi Davis, from the Sequoia Project, and Nagesh “Dragon” Bashyam, contracting to the ONC, introduced the community to new tooling being used to improve the quality of the digital content available within several types and versions of CDA Documents, and provided details on the different aspects of quality that these tools can assess. 

Learning Objectives:​

  • Understand the types of data quality problems present in many of today's CDA Documents
  • Hear why these quality issues can have a negative impact on interoperability and patient safety
  • Learn about new tooling for improving the quality of CDA Documents: The SITE C-CDA Validator, SITE C-CDA Scorecard, IHE Gazelle External Validation Service and Diameter Health's C-CDA Analyzer will be highlighted
  • Recognize how these tools work and understand how they can be used to find and address quality problems in CDA documents. 

Speaker Information:

Nagesh "Dragon" Bashyam
Senior Consultant (Contractor to ONC)
Technical Lead for Multiple ONC Projects including SITE, TTP, DAF
Drajer LLC

Didi Davis
Director, Testing Programs
The Sequoia Project


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Improving the Quality of CDA Documents with Testing and Tooling.

CDA, standards, validation, ONC, Sequoia Project