For HIMSS, innovation is the development and application of ideas, processes and methods that occur within and outside of the entire healthcare continuum. Innovation occurs everywhere and has the potential to be applied to health IT in ways that measurably improve performance, quality, cost, satisfaction, speed, and overall patient outcomes. Innovation can happen by design or by accident. It can be newly invented or imported from other sectors. Innovation can also be the reframing of an existing idea, process or method. 

Innovation Pathways

Across today’s healthcare continuum there is a need for simple frameworks to drive innovation. The Innovation Pathways Workgroup surveyed a community of healthcare stakeholders who answered questions related to eight key factors of innovation and whether or not these were impacted by the adoption of specific process management methods at their healthcare facilities. These key factors, as developed by the Innovation Pathways Workgroup, include common organizational elements that define the innovation potential of an organization. 

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Innovation Community Webinars and Events

Join us for our monthly Innovation Community Webinar series featuring members of the community presenting new solutions, processes or products that challenge existing paradigms.

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Innovation that Sticks Podcast

The Innovation That Sticks Podcast series features conversations with innovators who can provide insight to unique and transformative solutions in healthcare through their expertise and experiences.

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Innovation Opens Doors to New Possibilities

The Innovation Community connects with innovators across healthcare, each with a different vantage point of the industry. Whether in person, on a podcast, or during an education session we always ask innovators: "What do you believe is possible with more innovation in healthcare?"

The responses are varied and thought provoking. Read some of their responses here, and then consider adding your voice to the conversation.


Join a workgroup led by the HIMSS Innovation Committee to share your perspective and expertise with HIMSS' membership.

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HIMSS Chapter Innovation Corner

Is your HIMSS Chapter being innovative? Have you hosted an education event recently that you want to share with a larger community? Are your members leading transformation in their region? Share this information with the HIMSS Innovation Community through a dedicated area on our website.  Email us your stories or resources to feature.


Innovation and User Experience

With advances in the health IT user experience, innovation is able to flourish and transform the quality of care for patients and improve outcomes across the care continuum.  The HIT User Experience Community has built many resources focused on user experience, usability, and user-centered design through the lens of innovation.  Explore them here!

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