HIMSS Innovation Pathways Maturity Model

What is the Innovation Pathways Maturity Model?

The Innovation Pathways Maturity Model (IPMM) builds upon the original Innovation Pathways model and creates different levels of maturity around four key areas of organizational management that are critical to innovation success.

Why was the IPMM developed?

The purpose of the IPMM is to assist healthcare organizations in improving their ability to innovate through the assessment and refinement of four key areas of innovation.  We hope the IPMM enables you and your organization understand the many components of a successful internal innovation program and provide steps to improve your new or established innovation program.

Who is the IPMM geared towards?

The IPMM’s target audience includes healthcare organizations leadership and staff who are looking to understand their organization’s innovation ability.

How do I use the IPMM?

There are several ways to explore the HIMSS Innovation Pathways Maturity Model.  You can review the HIMSS Innovation Areas of Focus and the characteristics of each focus area across the maturity model.  You can also self-assess your organization's innovation maturity with the online assessment tool.  More ways to explore the IPMM will be available in the near future.

Explore the Innovation Pathways Maturity Model:

Innovation requires organizations to manage several factors that directly impact the success of their projects and programs.  The HIMSS Innovation Areas of Focus are four key areas that organizations need to successfully manage and develop to ensure that innovation can flourish and thrive.  Each area of focus is independently measured through the HIMSS Innovation Pathways Maturity Model but the areas are dependent on each other to ensure a wholesome, successful innovation program.  

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The HIMSS Innovation Maturity model features five phases of maturity.  These phases measure the maturity of each Innovation Area of Focus, which have an impact on the overall innovation capability of an organization.  Each Innovation Area of Focus is dependent on one another and organizations' maturity levels for each will generally be clustered around one phase.  

To explore the Maturity Model phases in more depth, use the "Innovation Areas of Focus" section above to discover the characteristics of each phase.  



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