Interoperability Standards Advisory

The Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) process represents a single, public list of standards and implementation specifications published by Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). ONC coordinates the identification, assessment and determination of these recommended interoperability standards and implementation specifications for industry use to fulfill specific clinical health IT interoperability needs. Stakeholders are encouraged to implement and use these recommended standards as applicable to their interoperability needs.

The ISA is organized and structured into five sections with related interoperability needs. Each interoperability need includes one or more standards or implementation specifications to accomplish the listed need. Additional characteristics on these standards and implementation specifications are listed to inform stakeholders on maturity and adoption. These include:

  1. Standards Process Maturity: Conveys maturity in terms of its stage within a particular organization’s approval/voting process.
  2. Implementation Maturity: Conveys maturity based upon its implementation state.
  3. Adoption Level: Approximate, average adoption level for that specific interoperability need in health care within the United States.
  4. Federally Required Status: Conveys whether a standard or implementation specification has been adopted in regulation, referenced as a federal program requirement, or referenced in a federal procurement (i.e., contract or grant) for a particular interoperability need.
  5. Cost: Conveys whether a fee is involved to purchase, license, or obtain membership for access or use of the recommended standard or implementation specification.
  6. Test Tool Availability: Conveys whether a test tool is available to evaluate health IT’s conformance to the standard or implementation specification for the particular interoperability need.

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