Lafayette General Health | Davies Enterprise Award

Lafayette General Health received the 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement in utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes. Lafayette General Health (LGH) is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system. Using a variety of different information technology-enabled interventions and solutions, Lafayette has significantly improved coding accuracy while improving patient safety and quality outcomes for their patients.

The process to review PSI-15 patient charts and educate surgeons and HIM coders increased the accuracy of the use of the accidental puncture or laceration code. In addition, this initiative increased the confidence that the PSI-15 rate reflected actual accidental puncture or laceration events and led to a significant reduction in the facility's accidental puncture or laceration rate from the baseline period.

The sepsis order sets were redesigned to include the appropriate orders to meet sepsis quality measure compliance and improved antibiotic use identification. This allowed the physicians to quickly order the proper treatment for patients identified. Increased accurate coding of Sepsis enabled LGH to start early prevention interventions and improved Sepsis Core Measure Compliance from 2.46% (Pre-go live) to 25.86 (Post-Go Live).

LGH wanted to create a more efficient coding process to ensure capturing the most accurate severity of illness and risk of mortality based on documentation in the chart. LGH implemented a new CDI software so providers can update directly from patient charts and send back to CDI. After a multi-year improvement process, LGH has captured over $4 million in additional revenue through better documentation.