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As a 2017 HIMSS Community Health Davies Award recipient, Lanai Community Health Center (LCHC) has demonstrated an extensive use of telehealth technology to provide health services to patients remotely, such as remote blood pressure monitoring for patients to self-monitor their blood pressure reducing the need for office visits. Lanai Community Health Center (LCHC), a non-profit organization, has been providing quality health services to the Lanai community in a supportive environment since August 2008. The organization places a particular focus on those who live below the federal poverty level; no one is turned away, because they do not have the means to pay.

LCHC’s synchronous VTC (video teleconferencing) program supports their behavioral health integration program, tele-psychiatry, and other specialty consultations. Some of the store and forward technology used in ophthalmology, dermatology, and prenatal care include tele-ophthalmology (DM retinal imaging), tele-derm and tele-ultrasound (OB and abdominal).

The LCHC home blood pressure program, introduced in 2014, demonstrates its effective utilization of technology fully integrated with the clinical information system. Patients self-monitor their blood pressure, which is relevant since hypertension affects 30% of adults. In addition, approximately half of patients with hypertension are not effectively managed.

LCHC started small, with only 24 patients. However, the initiative was so successful that the first 20 patients all enrolled in the program and bought blood pressure cuffs. In 2016, LCHC introduced off-the-shelf Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuffs and glucose meters, further improving data collection and reducing the need for office visits.

Learn more about how Lanai Community Health Center (LCHC) has achieved excellence with through health information and technology by listening to their use cases below.

Total costs associated with high blood pressure in 2011 in the U.S. were $46 billion in health services, medication and missed days of work. One of the advantages of a LCHC Self-Measured blood pressure program is the reduction in misdiagnosis (4 out 100 patients) and treatments resulting in cost savings.

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LCHC has focused on affordable and accessible quality of care for their patient through the use of telehealth and HIT. Impact of Telehealth and HIT for their patients increased appropriate utilizations for timely consultations, retinal imaging and remote monitoring. The following are cost saving through Telehealth:

• Ultrasound- 2017 LCHC had 110 image studies saving off island referrals (Plane and ground transportation cost at $250) results in $28,000 savings.

• Tele-ophthalmology- 31 images for patients not requiring a complete eye exam. (Cost of dilated eye exam- $200 and retinal imaging- $50) results in $4,650.

• Tele-derm 12 consults per year- (Plane and ground transportation cost at $250) results in $3000.


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