Nurse Engagement — Using Technology for New Innovations

Presented by:

Lori Erickson, MSN, CPNP-PC; CHAMP
Clinical Program Manager from Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Ellen Harper, DNP, RN-BC, MBA, FAAN
Clinical Assistant Professor University of Kansas School of Nursing

Big data initiatives and nursing science are a two-way street. As big data initiatives in health care will benefit from greater integration with nursing science and nursing practice, nursing science and practice have much to gain from data science initiatives. For data to become a distinguished asset in healthcare organizations, it must have the ability to transform into information, knowledge, and wisdom to achieve actionable clinical intelligence.

This webinar will focus on the importance of nurses’ involvement in leveraging informatics and technology for new innovations. Two exciting case studies are presented to showcase how big data and analytics can present new knowledge while making improvements in patient outcomes. The CHAMP® application for inter-stage single ventricle home monitoring using a cloud based database is discussed. Secondly, the Nurse Value Model, which uses data extracted from healthcare related systems (EHR, staffing, HR) to demonstrate the value of nurses, is reviewed.

This webinar discusses the following objectives:

  1. Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of CHAMP: Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program application for inter-stage home monitoring and its value on nursing informatics.
  2. Review the transition from traditional monitoring to cloud based database for monitoring.
  3. Understand how big data principals and the secondary use of data can inform the practice the nursing.
  4. Review the Nurse Value Data Model, data warehouse research implications to change practice.