What is the HIMSS G7?

HIMSS G7 is a World Bank-endorsed thought leadership assembly that meets three times per year to realize the healthcare financial network of the future. HIMSS G7 combines thought leadership and action around key IT projects to positively transform healthcare (i.e., ICD-10 implementation).

Representation within the HIMSS G7 falls among seven categories: provider, health plan, bank, government, consumer, employer and technology firms. Each HIMSS G7 meeting is captured in an Advisory Report that comprises a thoughtful discourse of issues and series of recommendations.
HIMSS G7 is supported by an exclusive group of sponsors providing rich feedback and guidance around our vision and projects. Among the projects that have been launched with great success are:

The HIMSS G7...

  • Brings together strategic thinking and a cross-sector view around sustainable business models
  • Looks across geographic boundaries towards a world view of transformed health systems
  • Helps define and envision the future state of the healthcare financial network
  • Examines topics spurring investment in new directions for the digital business of healthcare
  • Impacts all of the healthcare stakeholders through its Advisory Reports designed for healthcare and financial communities, and others
  • Generates innovative approaches to harness health IT in meeting the needs of healthcare stakeholders

HIMSS G7 Guiding Principles

  • Make data available across the network (data liquidity)
  • Assume regulations can be questioned when they are a barrier to the network
  • Provide thought leadership recommendations to inform industry policies
  • Engage a multi-stakeholder perspective
  • Test the infrastructure models through “use cases” (e.g., Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), episodes of care, Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Fee-for-service (FFS))

HIMSS G7 Advisory Reports

The Healthcare Payment Experience June 2013
Healthcare in the United States is facing a problem not seen for decades. The rising portion of a patient’s liability in paying a healthcare bill is causing consumers to evaluate healthcare options based on cost.

Implementing ICD-10 by the Compliance Date: A Call to Action October 2012

Advancing Global Health IT: A Consultation with the World Bank at HIMSS12 February 2012

ICD-10 Transformation: Five Critical Risk-Mitigation Strategies November 2011

In the Spotlight: Electronic Business Transformation September 2011

ICD-10 PlayBook Advisory Report April 2011

The Intersection Between Accountable Care Organizations and the Financial Network of the Future October 2010

Exploring the Odyssey of Real Time Adjudication of Healthcare Claims November 2010

HIMSS G7 Meeting and Sponsorship Opportunities

The HIMSS G7 platform offers an unparalleled opportunity for organizations to identify with designing the healthcare financial network of the future.

Organizations that benefit from the development of the G7 platform include:

  1. Providers gain operational improvements and better business intelligence
  2. Employers can offer effective tools that help employees to improve health and lifestyle
  3. Health plans will find new ways to team with banks and reduce operating costs
  4. Banks enter a whole new paradigm for investment and relationships
  5. Government gains a new view of public health issues that could impact policy
  6. Consumers find compelling programs that merge health-wealth information
  7. Technology firms engage new distribution channels and business models

For more information on how to become involved in HIMSS G7 contact John Casillas, Senior Vice President, HIMSS Business-Centered Systems at jcasillas@himss.org or 615-479-7103.

Thank You HIMSS G7 Sponsors for underwriting our industry transformation platform!

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