HIMSS EHR Readiness Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit for ambulatory medical practices provides practical tools and resources to assess your practice’s needs and the steps required to determine practice readiness for a successful EHR implementation.

These resources will help you analyze the potential benefits and challenges of a successful transformation to technology, supported health care delivery and management.

EHR Implementation for Medical Practice Requires Change Management May 2012
Use tips and techniques suggested by McCarthy & Eastman and HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award winners to guide your EHR implementation process.

HIMSS Bookstore: Effective Strategies for CHANGE Jan 2011
Learn about tools your practice can use to create and ensure that your EMR, ICD-10 or clinical integration efforts are successful, while building change capacity and flexibility.

HIMSS Davies Award Use Cases: Desire for Change: Strong Leadership Required in the EMR-EHR Revolution Jan 2011
Highlights of HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award winners' change management success stories, including best practices in EMR/EHR implementations and a glimpse at the ROI the EMR/EHR offers.

HIMSS Management Engineering & Process Improvement Change Management Toolkit Jan 2011
This framework provides lists and specific integrated Project Management & Change Management activities, along with corresponding tools.

Approaching Change Management in an Ambulatory Medical Practice Jan 2011
A step-by-step guide to help medical practices move to the world of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and health IT.

HIMSS EHR Implementation Success Factors for Practices with 1-5 Physicians
These Top 10 EHR success factors for medical practices with 1-5 physicians will help manage your EHR implementation project, including goal setting, education and culture change.

HIMSS EHR Implementation Success Factors for Practices with 6-10 Physicians
These Top 10 EHR success factors for medical practices with 6-10 physicians will help manage your EHR implementation project, including goal setting, education and culture change.

EMR Funding Options Jan 2011
What financial resources are available for medical practice EHR adoptions? This paper provides specific scenarios and several options.

EMR/ROI Calculator Feb 2010
Use this free EMR/ROI Calculator, including a full set of instructions, to determine your practice's return on investment (ROI) for use of EHRs.

HIMSS ICD-10 Playbook
The ICD-10 PlayBook provides critical information to assist hospitals, ambulatory centers, practitioners, and their staff in transitioning to ICD-10.

ICD-10 Provider Podcast Series
Designed for healthcare providers, the series provides insights from physicians and other content experts on important ICD-10 topics.

Connecting a Diagnostic Medical Device with Your EMR Jan 2011
Use the following suggestions when structuring EHR vendor demonstrations in order to get the full picture of an EHR system’s functionality.

Best Practice Workflow - Routine Patient Office Visit Jan 2011
Use this step-by-step workflow chart to help your practice navigate the process of a routine office visit while using an EHR.

Ambulatory Result Management - Best Practice Workflow Jan 2011
Use this step-by-step chart to help your practice manage the tracking of results through the use of EHRs.

HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award of Excellence Winners
The Awards program promotes EHR adoption through sharing information and lessons learned on implementation strategies, financial return on investment and value of the EHR to improve patient care and outcomes.

2013 Davies Ambulatory Awards
MedPeds - Davies Ambulatory Award Dec 2013
White River Family Practice (WRFP) - Davies Ambulatory Award Jul 2013

2012 Davies Ambulatory Awards
Coastal Medical - Davies Ambulatory Award Jul 2012
Jeremy L. Bradley, MD, FAAFP - Davies Ambulatory Award Jul 2012

2011 Davies Ambulatory Awards
James F. Holsinger, MD, PC - Davies Ambulatory Award Jul 2011
Reliant Medical Group, (Formerly Fallon Clinic) - Davies Ambulatory Award Jul 2011

The Legal Electronic Health Record Aug 2011
Medical professionals face many challenges to keeping up with health IT. Learn the legal basics of implementing and EHR. 

HIMSS Bookstore: Go-Live Smart Strategies from Davies Award-Winning EHR Implementations Jan 2011
Study the real-world experiences of more than two dozen diverse healthcare organizations that underwent the remarkable transformation to electronic health records.

Davies Award of Excellence- Ambulatory Care Award EHR Benefits- Examples Jan 2011
Compare hard and soft EHR benefits for medical practices, including increased physician productivity and reduced claim denials/delays. 

Getting Started with an EHR Jan 2011
Suggestions for your ambulatory medical practice as you plan your EHR implementation. Topics include: Workflow, Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiations and Transition Planning.

HIMSS Ask the Expert: How Do I Pick an EHR Vendor?  Oct 2010
Feeling overwhelmed by the number of EMR vendors? These guidelines will help you to select the best product for your needs.

Ask the Expert: How Can I Conduct an Effective EHR Demonstration?
Selecting a health IT vendor for your EHR implementation can be daunting. HIMSS has developed a list of Q&As to help you select your vendor partner.

RFP Sample Documents Jan 2010
If you're a healthcare organization or other provider, these Request for Proposal (RFP) samples can help you develop your own RFPs. 

Certification List for Complete EHRs and EHR Modules
The Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) provides the authoritative, comprehensive listing of Complete EHRs and EHR Modules that have been tested and certified under the ONC HIT Certification Program.

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