Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS) | Davies Ambulatory Award

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS) Health, a recipient of the 2017 HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award, is a multi-specialty physician group with over 200 providers, practicing out of approximately 50 offices throughout Northern Ohio. An example of health information technology (IT) implementation success at NOMS Healthcare comes with the introduction of improved provider access. This new workflow included opening several ‘open access’ locations with evening/weekend hours and the addition of several advanced practitioners in their family practice offices. Another instance of the organization’s success through health IT systems include their improved quality score initiative. Learn more about these initiatives in the use cases below.

In 2016, 40,420 visits occurred at NOMS. With each visit averaging $70, total visits generated was approximately 2.8 million dollars.

If those 40,420 visits had all taken place in the emergency room at NOMS, a visit could average $2,100 per visit and could also cost the system a total of 84.8 million dollars. By containing the cost of care, NOMS have saved payers a total cost of $82 million dollars.

By improving quality metrics, NOMS Healthcare has observed a significant impact on health outcomes. In 2016, the organization’s healthcare bacterial pneumonia hospital rate decreased to 6.46%, down from 14.62% in 2013. This rate is below all of ACO’s and FFS’s Medicare patients.

As a result of these efforts, NOMS improved their pneumonia vaccination rates from 33% in 2013 to their current rate of 83%.