Nurse Informaticist Consultants are Nurses Too!

A Nursing Vignette, presented as a part of National Nurses Week. 

by The Lantana Consulting Group Clinical Advisory Council: Dawn Beard, LPN; Angela Flanagan, MSN, RN, CPHIMS; Zabrina Gonzaga, MSN, RN; Olga Kogan, BSN, RN; Lynn Perrine, MSN, RN; Marla Throckmorton, MSN, RN, CMPE; and Robin Williams, RN


Nurses practice in a variety of settings and specialties. Yet when most people think of a nurse, they imagine someone in scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck going from hospital room to hospital room to check blood pressures and take temperatures. And if you don’t fit this image, then you’re not a nurse. Data from the 2017 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey supports nursing diversity - 66% of nurse respondents work in a direct care clinical setting, and 25% practice outside of a clinical setting, 3% of which is in consulting.

We are nurse informaticist consultants. We don’t practice traditional nursing at the point of care, yet we still have a significant impact on patient care and outcomes. We bridge the gap between the clinical and technical aspects of healthcare.

The Lantana Consulting Group nursing informatics team has seven amazing reasons to celebrate National Nurse’s Week 2019. Collectively, our team of seven exceptional nurses with diverse backgrounds and areas of focus has:

  • 79 years of direct care experience in settings across the spectrum of care, from birth to death
  • 69 years of informatics experience
  • 34 years of nursing leadership and clinical administrative experience

Each of us had an individual experience that sparked our desire to solve the problems we encountered while providing direct patient care. Our roles expanded beyond the boundaries of the bedside into areas where we can influence information management processes and policies (read about our individual journey’s here). We draw on our nursing experience and apply it daily as we work to provide health information management solutions that address today’s challenges in the healthcare industry. The nurse informaticists at Lantana are an exciting and important part of the 4 million reasons to celebrate nurses.

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Join us in celebrating #Nurses4HIT and the value they bring to health IT during #NursesWeek May 6 - 12.