The Impact of Nursing Informatics

Advance the Conversation - Nurses Can Help Create Healthier Communities with Nursing Informatics and Health Information Technology

Read compelling stories of how nurses who leverage technology are making an impact in every district of the United States.

Are the key players to creating better, more affordable healthcare care in local communities informing your policy?

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Michele Gilbert & Kathy McDonough
Bon Secours Charity Health System

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HIMSS, in collaboration with the American Nurses Association and the 30 members of theAlliance for Nursing Informatics, are seeking your story!

We are collecting personal stories that demonstrate the impact of nursing and informatics. The stories should be your personal experiences that illustrate how: nurses and nursing informatics are advancing better care, affordable care and healthier communities! Share with others how you got into the field of Nursing and Nursing Informatics and what challenges and rewards this career path had given you.

Submit your vignette in a word document to the Informatics Team. Vignettes will be published on a rolling basis on the HIMSS Impact of Nursing Informatics web site here under the appropriate region.

Nursing Informatics is a well-established nursing specialty which has evolved to be an integral part of healthcare delivery and a differentiating factor in the selection, implementation, and evaluation of health IT that supports safe, high quality, cost-efficient care in your local communities.

The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community, along with the American Nurses Association and the Alliance for Nursing Informatics, are well-positioned to provide Congressional leaders with critical information on how health IT can lower costs and lead to safer, more effective care.