Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Volume 22, Summer 2018

Volume 22, Summer 2018
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Summer 2018
ISSN # 1089-9758 Indexed in CINAHL © 1996 – 2018

Featuring the work of:

Kaminski, J., Carroll, W., Georgsson, M, Bagchi, A., Melamed, B., Yeniyurt, S., Holzemer, W. & Reyes, D, ONeill, K., Robb, M., Kennedy, R. Bhattacharya, A., Dominici, N. & Murphy, A., Burnie, J., Heist, C., Hardin, E., Donoghue, K., Dunigan, K., & Sheets, K., Divakaran Samuel, S., Shelton, A., & Reimer, N., Dengler, C., Ganefianty, A. & Sukihananto, Hunter, K., Hebda, T. (2018).


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