What is Patient Engagement?

Providers and patients working together to improve health. A patient’s greater engagement in healthcare contributes to improved health outcomes, and information technologies can support engagement. Patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision-making process, and those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes.

HIMSS equips healthcare providers to e-connect with patients and families through engagement with patient portal adoption, secure messaging, social media, and other emerging health related technologies.

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The Evolution of Patient Engagement

Rethinking How to Best Engage Patients. Read the ebook>>

Get Started in Patient Engagement Strategies

The Patient Engagement section of the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite provide information around how to get started, how to implement your patient engagement strategies, how to optimize them, as well as testimonials from organizations that have realized value through Patient Engagement initiatives.

The State of Patient Engagement & Health IT
Your patients and their families and caregivers are ready to engage with you. Learn about the current patient engagement health IT environment and how you and your organization can become partners with them on the journey to patient empowerment and better health

Social Media and Online Patient Communities

Wearables and Mobile

Health and HIT Literacy

Leveraging Digital Strategies to Address Health Disparities

Patient-Generated Health Data

Patient Engagement Books

The HIMSS Bookstore now has two important books on aspects of patient engagement.

Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement

Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement
HIMSS Book of the Year for 2014

Edited by Jan Oldenburg, Dave Chase, Kate T. Christensen, MD, and Brad Tritle, CIPP

This book explores the benefits of digital patient engagement, from the perspectives of physicians, providers, and others in the healthcare system, and discusses what is working well in this new, digitally-empowered collaborative environment. Chapters present the changing landscape of patient engagement, starting with the impact of new payment models and Meaningful Use requirements, and the effects of patient engagement on patient safety, quality and outcomes, effective communications, and self-service transactions. The book explores social media and mobile as tools, presents guidance on privacy and security challenges, and provides helpful advice on how providers can get started. Vignettes and 23 case studies showcase the impact of patient engagement from a wide variety of settings, from large providers to small practices, and traditional medical clinics to eTherapy practices.

Applying Social Media Technologies in Healthcare Environments

Applying Social Media Technologies in Healthcare Environments

Edited by Christina Theist, 

Applying Social Media Technologies in Healthcare Environments provides an indispensable overview of successful use of the latest innovations in the healthcare provider-patient relationship. As professionals realize that success in the business of healthcare requires incorporation of the tools of social media into all aspects of their worlds and recognize the value offered by the numerous media channels, this compendium of case studies from various voices in the field—caregivers, administrators, marketers, patients, lawyers, clinicians, and healthcare information specialists—will serve as a valuable resource for novices as well as experienced communicators. Written by experienced players in the healthcare social media space and edited with the eye of an administrator, chapters provide insight into the motivation, planning, execution, and evaluation of a range of innovative social media activities. Complete with checklists, tips, and screenshots that demonstrate proven application of various social channels in a range


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