Partners in E: FAQ

What is Partners in E?

Partners in E is an online health informatics curriculum comprised of 14 distinct modules.  The goal of Partners in E is to educate and deploy a health professional workforce with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills required to provide better and safer care in today’s health information technology (HIT)-enabled environment.  The Partners in E program uses a train-the-trainer model to achieve nationwide dissemination of the curriculum to health professional schools. 

What is the cost to participate in the Partners in E program?

Access to all online modules, supplemental materials, and training is free-of-charge.

How do I access the course materials?

All course materials are available for download through a secure login portal.

How do we know it is successful?

Since 2012, when Partners in E was developed by faculty researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Pharmacy, over 2,000 health professional students have been trained using the Partners in E curriculum.  An evaluation of the Partners in E program found statistically significant improvements in students’ knowledge, attitudes towards HIT, and self-reported confidence in achieving competency in informatics. 

As of April 2015, faculty from over 70 colleges and universities have been granted access to Partners in E program materials and faculty from 25 colleges and universities have attended an in-person Partners in E train-the-trainer program. 

What is HIMSS role?

Collaboration between HIMSS and the UCSF School of Pharmacy allows for nationwide dissemination of the Partners in E informatics curriculum, ensuring consistent and unified content across all schools of pharmacy. The HIMSS Clinical Informatics Team provides the technical infrastructure and program guidance to Partners in E. 

Why would my program need an Informatics Course integrated into our curriculum?

Introduction of concepts of Health Information Technology (HIT) early in professional clinical training allows clinicians to learn how to use and practice delivery of care safely and effectively with an existing technology. HIT creates new opportunities to improve patient safety that do not exist in paper-based systems, such as alerting clinicians of drug-drug interactions.

I am not a pharmacy faculty member. Does Partners in E have anything to offer me?

Definitely.  The Partners in E modules are multidisciplinary and offer training in key health information technology content areas that are applicable to a wide range of health professionals and students.  Partners in E program materials can be used for training current, practicing health professionals or integrated into any health professional school curriculum. 

How would my institution be able to utilize and begin integrating Partners in E?

HIMSS allows complimentary access to all modules and supplementary materials through a secured login. Once access has been granted, materials can be integrated into your curriculum or training program in the way that works best for you. You can use one module to supplement existing curriculum or training or use all 14 modules to create a new informatics course (and just about anything in between).  In 2013, when Partners in E was expanded to eight schools of pharmacy in California, no two schools intergrated the material in the same way, as shown here:

Partners in E FAQ Table: Click for Full Size

I don't have a strong background in Informatics, will integration be difficult or hinder the students' performance?

No, the modules provided are comprehensive and given by content experts. Our secure login portal provides on line community for you to raise questions with other program adopters.  In addition, all slide decks come with a full set of speaker’s notes and, as needed, primary sources of information are provided on the slides if you would like to learn more about a particular topic.