Code Red: HIMSS' Cybersecurity Podcast

Episode #11: How to Manage Effective Cybersecurity Solutions Partnerships


What are the security threats your organization perceives to be most urgent to mitigate? Do you have the capabilities to implement those controls? Sometimes you need to go outside and bring in a third party to help. But what do you look for when searching for a vendor? How do you build a true partnership? Finally, is there still room for innovation in the security realm? That’s a lot of questions, and we’ve got the answers!


On this episode of Code Red, you’ll hear from Patrick Streck, Senior Director IT at Baystate Healthcare. Our other guest is Aaron Miri, CIO and VP Government Relations at Imprivata. Patrick and Aaron talk about the way Baystate and Imprivata work together to address security issues. This episode is about the customer/vendor relationship, specific to the security space. While these are just two of many providers and security vendors, Patrick and Aaron were kind enough to share some great tips that worked for these two organizations; perhaps these will help you as well.

This Episode’s Guests

Patrick Streck, MBA

Senior Director, IT 

Baystate Healthcare

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Aaron Miri, MBA

Chief Information Officer 

Vice President, Government Relations 


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