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Episode #28: Health IT Public Policy: A Participatory Sport, Pt.1-MACRA


Perhaps Otto von Bismark was on to something when he said “laws are like sausages; it’s better not to see them being made.” So what is it about the two, laws and sausages, that metaphorically link them together?  Both are produced from a messy process, one that works to balance different, sometimes contradictory, flavors into a palatable blend and form.

Welcome to STEPS to Value, not one usually about sausage making, but actually a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model.

As this election year comes to an end and the healthcare industry prepares itself for new leadership at the federal, state, and local level, HIMSS is taking an in-depth look at the always evolving relationship between healthcare and public policy.  In this episode, we will discuss the impact of the final rule of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 with Virginia Commonwealth University Health Chief Financial Officer and 2016 HFMA Board of Directors’ Chair, Melinda Hancock.  In part two of this series, we will gain an insider’s view on the give-and-take between policy and public health with Nedra Garrett, Senior Advisor for Informatics at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  In part three, we will study the impact advocacy can have on the policy-making process with Leslie Bruce, Director, Healthcare Leadership and Community Outreach at UC San Diego Extension.  

So join us in the health IT policy kitchen.  Roll up your sleeves, we’re making sausage. 

This Episode’s Guests:

Melinda Hancock
Chief Financial Officer & Sr. Executive Vice President
VCU Health
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So how does MACRA impact your organization and how are you dealing with the changes within the law?  Send us your thoughts as a voice memo or email and we will play them on the air at the end of our next episode.   You can send your comments to