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Episode #32: Delivering Care As a Consumer Experience


Never has there been a better age to be a consumer.  More efficient supply chains to move products more quickly from concept to consumption.  Recommendation engines study our previous purchases and work to predict our next interest.  Customer reviews available for products from apple corers to zebra-patterned pants.  


The transformation to a consumer-centric model is one the healthcare industry continues to struggle with.  Armed with data from Dr. Google, patients walk into exam rooms ready with questions and suggestions.   Armed with connections to their clinicians through technologies like patient portals, patients communicated the questions, comments & concerns in ways not available to them a decade ago.  


Welcome to STEPS to Value, a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model. In today’s episode, we will explore the impact of consumerism on healthcare and patient engagmeent with Dr. Milisa Rizer, Chief Medical Information Officer for Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center


Milisa also shares with us her experiences at the HIMSS Annual Conference and how it has helped to supported her professional life. 

This Episode’s Guest:

Milisa Rizer, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Information Officer

Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center
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