STEPS to Value Podcast

Episode #40: The Value of Strengthening the Clinical Narrative


Like water or breath, stories surround us.  Like water or breath, we consume stories, are refreshed by them.  Like water or breath, stories are essential elements of our survival.  Storytellers & their audiences from antiquity till today have shared the same goal, the goal to connect.  But while the “song has remained the same”, the tools that connect the storyteller to their audience has evolved at the same breakneck speed as other technological innovations.  One day, we connect through drawings on the walls of a cave.  Another day, through bits and bytes on a screen.    

Welcome to STEPS to Value, a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model.  In this episode we will explore the state of health information exchange and the impact that Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture, or C-CDA, has on the ability to more effectively connect clinicians with their patient’s clinical narratives.  

This Episode’s Guests:

Bryn Lewis, PhD
Principal Consultant

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Lisa Nelson, MS, MBA
Principal Consultant
Life Over Time Solutions, LLC.

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Learn more about the ONC/HL7 C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge


This Episode's Promo:

A Vision to Build Comprehensive Electronic Records That Tell a Patient’s Complete Health Story

The Health Story Project is a volunteer group within HIMSS that works to educate the health IT community on tools and resources to aid in the creation of comprehensive electronic records that tell a patient's complete health story. Today, most electronic patient records and health information exchanges operate on a small percentage of the available information. The Health Story is dedicated to a comprehensive electronic record that can be shared to improve care through collaboration and analysis.

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Register today to learn more about C-CDA best practices directly from Bryn and Lisa at an upcoming Health Story Roundtable webinar "The Storytelling Power of C-CDA" on Monday, August 7th, 2017 from 12-1 PM EDT  

This Episode’s Audience Ask:

How has your healthcare organization helped to support a more comprehensive clinical narrative?  Send us your thoughts as a voice memo or email and we will play them on the air at the end of our next episode.   You can send your comments to