STEPS to Value Podcast

Episode #43: The Value of Speaking Up


It happen to us every day.  A moment.  A choice.  A thought not yet spoken.  Could I speak up?  Do I share what I am seeing?  Would I speak up?  Do others see it too?   Should I speak up?   

These moments, these choices to speak, to act, pile on top of themselves.  These moments become days, become weeks, become a lifetime of decisions.  To speak or not to speak. To act or not to act.  And these  moments, these choices, these lives come together, rivers flowing into the ocean, forging a path chosen, a common history, a shared world.  It happens to us every day. 
Welcome to STEPS to Value, a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model.  In this episode, we will talk with the Christina Caraballo, Senior Healthcare Strategist at Get Real Health.  In this conversation from HIMSS17, we talk to this member of the 2017 cohort of Most Influential Women in Health IT about the power of starting change and the impact each of us can have on our world.  

This Episode’s Guest:

Christina Caraballo
Director, Healthcare Transformation
Get Real Health