Episode #46: Innovation As a Strategic Imperative

Innovation is everywhere at least at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. UPMC has a lightning factory where they can fail fast, providing its employees a safe space for ideation and design thinking.

Welcome to the HIMSS Innovation That Sticks Podcast, where we bring you conversations with innovators who provide insight to unique and transformative solutions and ideas in healthcare through their expertise and experiences.

Today we are talking with Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer at UPMC and Executive Vice President of UPMC Enterprises. UPMC combines clinical and research programs with business-like discipline to provide high quality patient care. UPMC Enterprises aims to improve lives by making health care more efficient, affordable and personalized by creating products and businesses that make life changing medicine happen.  

In this episode we catch up with Dr. Shrestha at HIMSS18 where he discusses Innovation as a strategic imperative, how the HIMSS Innovation Pathways Maturity Model aligns with UPMC with enterprise-wide buy-in around innovation, how social media is a networking game changer, and dives into how artificial intelligence can make us more intelligent.

This Episode’s Guest:

Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA

Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC 
Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises

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