Episode #47: The Value of Embracing Innovation To Improve Patient Care

June 27, 2018 | Innovation that Sticks Podcast, Episode #3 | Duration: 17:26
Episode #47: The Value of Embracing Innovation To Improve Patient Care

Do the Right Thing, these words echo what it mean to work in the healthcare industry. Virginia Pribanic, President and CEO of MedRespond wants us to follow this mantra when it comes to patient satisfaction, adoption of new technologies, and embracing innovation within healthcare.

Welcome to the HIMSS Innovation That Sticks Podcast. A series of conversations with innovators who provide insight to unique and transformative solutions and ideas in healthcare through their expertise and experiences.

Today we are talking with Virginia Pribanic, President and CEO of Pittsburgh-based, MedRespond, an online healthcare communication services. MedRespond was a winner of the 2017 Medical Capital Innovation Competition at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, OH.

In this episode Virginia discusses the importance of patient satisfaction, a key component of the HIMSS STEPS Value framework, how a fear of innovations such as artificial intelligence is preventing the healthcare industry from moving forward, and how the need of a financial realignment will lead to a cultural revolution in the way we consume healthcare. Virginia also reminds us the power of two simple words “So What” and its clarifying power toward driving success.

This Episode’s Guest:

Ginny Pribanic

President and Owner,

MedRespond, LLC

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