Episode #49: Helping Physicians Navigate the Waters of Change

February 21, 2018 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #61
Episode #49: Helping Physicians Navigate the Waters of Change

Physicians already know what I am about to say.  If you are not a physician, this episode will give you a little more insight into the environment in which care takes place, yes.  But we hope it also gives you a little more of an idea of what kind of changes physicians have to go through to completely shift their approach to care.  It’s not like medical school, it’s not like it was five years ago.  And tomorrow will not be like today.


Welcome to STEPS to Value, the people, process technology podcast from HIMSS.  In this series, we hear the voices of those to push, pull, and cajole us to the future state of care delivery.  In this episode, we address the role of payers in that push and pull with Julian Harris, MD, MBA, and Beckie Croes.  We talk with Julian and Beckie about the role of payers to help physicians navigate the churning waters of change.  Imagine you're a captain of a ship and dense fog obscures your view.  Not only that but everything you’ve learned, formally or through experience, is being challenged.  Add to that a whole new set of tools and information and you’re still responsible for the lives of your passengers.


This Episode’s Guest:

Julian Harris, MD, MBA

CareAllies, A CIGNA Company

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Beckie Croes

SVP, Provider Engagement 
CareAllies, A CIGNA Company

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