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Episode #54:Thinking Outside the Doctor’s Office: How Social Determinants of Health Impact a Patient’s Health Outcomes

Welcome to the HIMSS Innovation That Sticks Podcast, where we bring you conversations with innovators who provide insight to unique and transformative solutions and ideas in healthcare through their expertise and experiences.

In today’s episode, we speak with Mary Jane Konstantin, senior vice president and head of business at HGS Population Health Management Solutions, formerly known as AxisPoint Health. We discuss about how Social Determinants of Health factors such as housing problems, transportation, food shortages and language barriers can negatively impact an individual’s health.

Mary Jane emphasizes that it’s not just important to make sure that people have access to healthcare, but also to ensure they have the means to follow through with their treatment.

This Episode’s Guest:

Mary Jane Konstantin 

Senior Vice President and Head of Business at HGS Population Health Management Solutions                                                     

Formerly known as AxisPoint Health.  

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