Medical Devices Quick Start Guide

This guide is designed to provide points of reference and consideration for the purchase and implementation of a clinical documentation system (CDS) that integrates with networked medical device systems. Since there is no one-size-fits-all system, this guide should be treated as a reference document to assist the institution in making an investment decision. This guide is intended for healthcare professionals who are responsible for technology management within their organizations and are considering the purchase or upgrade of a CDS with the added feature of medical device integration.

An integrated CDS will require focus and time and with proper preparation as suggested in “Integrating Medical Devices with Clinical Documentation Systems—A Quick-Start Guide”, the team will be better prepared to confront the various products that are rapidly finding their way to the market. As many new innovations are emerging at the same time the national government is revising the quality measures, the product evaluation might feel a bit like a moving target. This target will be easier to reach with a solid understanding of the institution’s needs and requirements, through the use of carefully developed clinical scenarios supported by a strong technical and clinical team.

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