A Roadmap to the Patient Financial Experience of the Future: Part III of a Five Part Series

In March of 2016, HIMSS published the first of this five-part series, entitled A Roadmap to the Patient Financial Experience of the Future.  The initial paper considered the technology required to realize the HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement (RCI) Task Force's vision of the Patient Financial Experience of the Future.


The following year, HIMSS published the second paper which examined the patient financial experience from the view of the physician and non-physician providers, collectively refferd to as providers.  The paper analyzyed the back-office revenue cycle management (RCM) functionality required at the provider level to facilitate tha task froce's vision of interoperability and seamlewss claims processing.


Now, HIMSS provides a detailed view of the patient experience in the hospital setting, examining new models and technologies and taking into account the challenges they present in the revenue cycle of a complex hospital organization.