Solutions and How to Engage Within Interoperability: Perspectives from the Nursing Informatics Community and IHE Part 2

June 2017

Presented by:

Catherine Ivory, PhD, RNC-OB, RN-BC, Associate Chief Nurse Executive, VP for Professional Practice and Care Transformation, Indiana University Health System

Emma Jones, MSN, RN-BC, Expert Clinical Business Analyst, Community Solutions, Allscripts

As the final of the two-part series hosted jointly by the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), this webinar will explain the work of IHE to facilitate Health IT interoperability. The presentation will include the history and current activities at IHE, discuss specific examples of challenges and opportunities to using IHE standards in health system settings, and its applicability to nursing.

Catherine Ivory is a certified informatics nurse and researcher with a particular interest in using standards to increase the value of nursing documentation for evidence-based practice and research. Emma Jones is a Registered Nurse and assists in Software Development and implementing Health Information Exchange solutions. Emma’s clinical experience includes ambulatory care and community health nursing, critical care nursing, nurse-case management, insurance nursing, and healthcare utilization management.

This webinar discusses the following objectives:

  1. Discuss the history of IHE
  2. List past and current IHE initiatives
  3. Discuss the challenges and opportunities to using IHE standards in health system settings and their applicability to nursing.
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