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Saving Lives Virtually - A Day in the Life of Today's Physician
A new era in healthcare IT has arrived! Even when physicians can't physically be there, new advances in technology allow them to always "virtually" be on the scene to save a life - whether it's in the middle of the night or on their day off. In this short video, you'll watch how a cardiologist prescribes a patient the medicine he needs stat at 2 a.m. You'll see how easily you can access clinical desktops from anywhere and access real-time info about patients as they're getting wheeled into the ER. In addition, the video will show you how to go mobile instantly with desktops that follow users, review real-time ER caseloads and enable HD face-to-face telemedicine. Also, watch how this doctor uses voice recognition to update patient records and secure patient health information (PHI) on devices. Don't you love living in the future?

Securing Patient Data with Access Governance
Please join us for a 25 minute interview of Deloitte & Touche Healthcare Practice leaders as they answer questions around how to manage roles in an Healthcare environment for regulatory compliance. Hear about leading practices for good role management, access controls for users and how Novell Compliance Management and Access Governance solutions can help secure protected health information and enforce security and privacy policies.
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