TeleHealth: Transforming Care Delivery

January 2017

Presented by:

Laura Messineo, RN, BS, MHA
System Director TeleHealth Strategy and Development
Presence Health

This month’s presentation focuses on TeleHealth- the national trends, advantages it brings to the healthcare industry, and the various modalities TeleHealth utilizes for care delivery.

Laura Messineo, RN, BS, MHA, System Director TeleHealth Strategy and Development, Presence Health is a dynamic nursing leader in the healthcare industry. With over a decade of experience within the telemedicine industry, Laura has proven successes implementing telehealth solutions to drive performance and financial metrics. Laura collaboratively works with the TeleHealth IT team to design custom innovative solutions to enhance clinical outcomes. She has designed and implemented over 18 different TeleHealth programs across Presence Health.

This webinar discusses the following objectives:

  1. Understand the national trends within the Telehealth Industry.
  2. Recognize the advantages Telehealth can bring to the healthcare industry to increase access to care, reduce costs and improve the quality of care for patients.
  3. Define the various TeleHealth modalities utilized for care delivery.
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