Towards an International Framework for Recommendations of Core Competencies in Nursing and Interprofessional Informatics: The TIGER Competency Synthesis Project

Informatics competencies of the health care workforce must meet the requirements of inter-professional process and outcome oriented provision of care. In order to help nursing education transform accordingly, the TIGER Initiative de-ployed an international survey, with participation from 21 countries, to evaluate and prioritise a broad list of core competencies for nurses in five domains: 1) nurs-ing management, 2) information technology (IT) management in nursing, 3) inter-professional coordination of care, 4) quality management, and 5) clinical nursing. Informatics core competencies were found highly important for all domains. In addition, this project compiled eight national cases studies from Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, and Switzerland that reflected the country specific perspective. These findings will lead us to an interna-tional framework of informatics recommendations.