Transforming Care Delivery for Nurses through Digitalization – An Operational Perspective

Presented by:

Nancy Beale, MSN, RN-BC
Vice President, Clinical Systems and Integration, NYU Langone Health System

As the frontline of patient care, it is well understood that the nursing profession is integral to value-based care delivery. With a current labor shortage, looming generational shift and increasing complexity of patients, this important resource can be better empowered to transform care delivery to positively impact patient outcomes while decreasing organization’s costs. Despite knowledge of this, lack of administrative support and resources has been scarce.

In this three-part series, we will examine topics and supporting information in order to develop a comprehensive business case for digital solutions that empower nursing and enable the transformation of care delivery.

The first installment will explore the topic from an operational perspective. This webinar discusses the following objectives:

  • Illustrating the operational reasons why healthcare organizations should prioritize digital solutions for nursing operations to increase nurse engagement.
  • Exploring, evaluating and prioritizing digital options to address today’s challenges while balancing the influx of digital technology in the care environment.
  • Addressing change management considerations for successful implementation and accelerating time to value.

    This is the first of three nursing informatics town hall virtual events; the next two will be held in August & September. In subsequent installments, we will add to the business case with clinical and financial arguments.