Using Natural Language Processing to Boost the Power of the Narrative

In our September roundtable, Health Story Project explored the value of the clinical narrative in the exchange and use of health information. This roundtable built on that conversation and demonstrated how natural language processing (NLP) technology can enhance the value of narrative information in several critical use cases. NLP uses computers to process and analyze natural language to identify missing and/or actionable data within the narrative or to encode discrete concepts. It can be applied to clinical documentation in real time or leveraged downstream to analyze the patient’s record. Panelists explain how NLP is being used today to identify documentation deficiencies, streamline clinical and administrative coding, and improve quality measure reporting.

Speaker Information

Lynn Kosegi, Strategic Outcomes Executive, M*Modal

Victor Lee, MD, Vice President, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Architecture

Mark Morsch, VP of Technology, NLP Innovation, Optum360


Resources discussed in the presentation:

ONC Strategy on Reducing Burden Relating to the Use of Health IT and EHRs


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