Managing Healthcare Mobility - Effectively Leveraging Mobility to Drive Better Patient Outcomes

The rise of mobility in the healthcare space has opened the door for unparalleled access and communication between clinicians, hospitals, and patients.

While the promise of mobility is great, the steps to implement secure and effective mobile solutions that allow for access to patient information, better collaboration, and increased communication have been daunting with organization struggling to lay the groundwork for their mobile strategy.

During this session, we will hear some of the observations and best practices that Symantec has put into place to help healthcare organizations achieve the promise of mobility while adhering to the stringent security requirement placed on Healthcare organizations.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices used to implement a secure strategy to provide clinicians access to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to provide better patient care
  • How to develop and secure mobile applications for both clinical and patient use
  • How to secure content distribution without leaking data.