The National League of Cities announced their annual State of the Cities report, an analysis of priorities based on the mayors’ State of the City addresses. Mayors have a critical role in solving complex problems at the local level while needing a deep understanding of federal implications. Health and human services and government data and technology were among the top ten overall priorities across U.S. cities. A significant number of mayors emphasized that the opioid epidemic and broadband were pressing issues to continue to attend to in their cities. 

Within the health and human services category, almost 20% of speeches covered opioids or substance abuse. HIMSS engages grassroots advocates and government officials at the federal, state, and local levels to foster collaboration around mitigating the opioid crisis through information and technology.  HIMSS State Government Affairs and Chapter Advocacy Roundtables are highlighting these issues through a Webinar series on Opioids.  The next webinar will take place on July 30th at 1:00 pm ET. Please contact the Government Relations team at to join the webinar series. 

Within the Government data and technology section, data sharing to improve efficiency and effectiveness, Open Data, and “Smart City” were key subtopics. “Smart Cities” is a movement to improve efficiency while reducing resource consumption.  HIMSS continues to highlight these efforts through the HIMSS Innovation Center and work of Chapter Advocates. Learn more about the State of the Cities report here.