The Meaningful Use of Electronic Medication Reconciliation

Our system went live with Medication Reconciliation as part of our MU attestation. Since going live, we have raw data showing results illustrating the potential for errors across the continuum of care. Our program consists of pharmacy technicians, with pharmacist oversight, devoted to conducting accurate medication histories; including calling pharmacies and physicians to insure accuracy and they are all connected through electronic medication reconciliation to the admitting physicians. We have discovered that on average, each patient has more than 4 med errors with respect to their home medication list. Literature will show that at least 10% of all medication errors cause harm, and each harmful medication error results in a $2800-$4800 increase in hospital costs. This is important since few hospitals have pushed through this change management, and having evidence like this would be helpful to convince clinicians that it actually is worth the effort. This poster will examine the benefits of electronic medication reconciliation as required by MU standards.