MedPeds - Davies Ambulatory Award

MedPeds LogoMedPeds, a private practice of eight providers and 23 employees situated in the DC suburb of Laurel, Maryland, provided outpatient services to nearly 18,000 patients over the past three years.

Patient demographics included 854 patients over the age of 64, and 4,606 patients under age 18. The patient population also included various ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

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Return on Investment

Since adoption of the EHR, MedPeds experienced significant financial, organizational, and cultural returns on investment (ROI). Some of the financial benefits the practice enjoyed include certification as a 2009 level 3 PCMH (recertified in 2012), achieving Meaningful Use for all doctors in 2011 and 2012, and participating in other quality pay-for-performance measures.

Overall improvement in finances provided the practice with the flexibility to renovate and relocate into a new office with more efficient workspaces, more exam rooms, a spacious waiting room, and improved work areas for all staff.

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Clinical Value

Since 2009, MedPeds received certification as a Level III Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). In addition, all of its physicians met the quality guidelines to achieve Meaningful Use in both 2011 and 2012. MedPeds’ ability to reach patients who did not complete ordered tests demonstrated the clinical value of the EHR. In 2011, the practice utilized the technology to identify patients over 50 who were past due for a colonoscopy.

During this process, the practice identified one patient who missed his annual test. Soon after contacting the patient, the patient scheduled the colonoscopy, and the test revealed early stage colon cancer. Due to early detection and treatment, the patient fully recovered.

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Patient Engagement

Over the past few years, Medpeds sought to improve patient engagement by implementing a robust patient portal featuring the ability for doctors and patients to communicate outside of the office. For example, MedPeds created a website with the patient in mind that provides answers to many common questions and provides links to helpful community resources. In addition, the practice employed voice and text messaging to reach patients with important communications regarding common health issues, appointments, and general practice notifications.

MedPeds utilized social media, smart phone apps, and CHADIS to screen for developmental issues in children. The practice anticipated that by incorporating less traditional but increasingly popular communication methods, it would improve patient-provider communication, and foster patients’ engagement in their own healthcare.

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With the help of an employee-wide incentive program and the utilization of innovative telehealth initiatives, MedPeds leveraged the EHR to attest to meaningful use and recertified as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home. Improvements included:

  • Collection of race, language and ethnicity data
  • Documentation of cigarette usage
  • Enhanced transition of care
  • Increased mammogram and colonoscopy orders for appropriate patients
  • Increased vaccinations for recommended adult and pediatric patients
  • Improved productivity (reduction in patient wait time)
  • Reduction of aged claims over 180 days
  • Reduction of clearinghouse rejections

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