Members In Action: Ron Bissetta

Optimity Advisors

Ron Bissetta, partner, Optimity Advisors, is a member of the Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force.

HIMSS: Please describe your current involvement with the Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force and HIMSS.
Bissetta I joined the Revenue Cycle Improvement task force after attending HIMSS15.  The 2016 agenda was launched during an in-person meeting of the task force in September 2015, in Cleveland, Ohio at the HIMSS Innovation Center at the Global Center for Health Innovation. Since the launch, I have been working with a subset of the task force to  complete a gap analysis that defines the patient’s journey through an episode of care and the enabling technologies needed to support the task force’s vision of the patient financial experience of the future.  We will be presenting the results of the roadmap development activities during HIMSS16 at the Revenue Cycle Knowledge Center on Wednesday, March 2 from 2:30 – 3 p.m.

HIMSS: What do you hope to accomplish during HIMSS16?
Bissetta: I hope that many of the healthcare leaders attending HIMSS16 will visit the Revenue Cycle Knowledge Center during the conference, participate in the many sessions being offered, and agree to take action in support of this initiative.  In addition to the session I’ll be delivering with Penny Osmon Bahr, a fellow task force member and member of the HIMSS Health Business Solutions Committee, there will be one by our task force Chair, Stuart Hanson, a presentation by HFMA offering insights into what folks can be doing now to move the industry forward, and a session during which the results of the first HIMSS Healthcare Cost Accounting Survey will be shared.

HIMSS: How do you think the outcomes of the Revenue Cycle Knowledge Center will impact your experience at HIMSS16?
Bissetta: The Revenue Cycle Improvement road map is only the start to transforming the consumer financial and clinical experience. The roadmap is a call to action: to encourage healthcare leaders from the providers, payers, vendors and financial institutions to participate in the task force, contribute ideas, solutions and case studies for advancement of the vision. 

I would like HIMSS16 to be an opportunity to meet with healthcare leaders that see revenue cycle innovation as an important agenda item for the industry and for their organizations, and to begin exchanging ideas and plan next steps following HIMSS16.

HIMSS: What is the most exciting change that you foresee happening with revenue cycle in the next five years?
Bissetta: I see the opportunity for the healthcare industry to:

  • advance and  improve the consumer experience as the trend for continued cost shifting to the individual healthcare consumer continues;
  • improve the patient experience during an episode of care;
  • provide the tools and information to better manage cost based on the individual’s healthcare coverage;
  • improve the coordination of care throughout the episode of care; and
  • bring clarity and transparency around consumer financial responsibility.

Innovative organizations are already developing solutions that begin to fill the gaps. The change can occur at the community or local level – where healthcare organizations work together to improve the revenue cycle and the healthcare consumer experience.   

HIMSS: What is one of the primary challenges facing healthcare leaders today?
Bissetta: Shifting the payment burden to the consumer in the form of high deductibles, health savings/reimbursement accounts, retail health pay per visit, etc. is a fundamental challenge in healthcare today. This paradigm shift requires a thoughtful redesign of the revenue cycle from B-2-B between payers and providers to B-2-C between providers and consumers. Consumers will require transparency, value, quality, service performance and ease of payment, which is similar to the retail experiences they receive in other industries.

Learn more about HIMSS16 on Feb. 29-March 4, in Las Vegas.