1. What is my username and password to the HIMSS Members Only Section?

Username: user created at the time of membership purchase if done so online. If your membership was entered by a HIMSS staff person or other representative, your primary email address is the default username.

Password: user created at time of membership purchse if done so onilne. Use “Forgot Password?” to reset if necessary.

2. Where can I find my membership number?

To find your membership number log in to the HIMSS Member Center. Your member id number will be located below your name on the left side of the screen. You can also request your member number via email: membersupport@himss.org

3. How do I update my contact information?

Update your contact information by logging into the HIMSS Member Center. The update options are located in the “My Account” drop down menu. You can also send your updates via email to: membersupport@himss.org

4. I would like to join as a student member, how do I qualify?

HIMSS student membership is designed for individuals engaged in formal full-time study looking to become active in the fields of healthcare information and management systems. Student members receive the same benefits as regular members except the right to vote or hold elective office. You may sign up for student membership at any time online or with application through regular mail. If signing up online you will be required to answer questions regarding your student status. If you are registering via paper application you must submit evidence of your student status with your application. Examples of student membership evidence include but are not limited to – a current class roster, a letter from your department chair, transcripts (unofficial is acceptable). All evidence must include your expected graduation date.

5. I was a student member, recently graduated, and would like to upgrade my membership. How do I go about doing so?

You can upgrade your membership at any time by logging into the Member Center. Once logged in select the “renew” link to be directed to the Student Member Demographics screen. Select the cancel button on this screen and you will direct to select a new membership type. We recommend that you wait until the end of your current student membership prior to upgrading.

6. I need my receipt for membership dues, how can I obtain this?

Log in to the Member Center and select the “My Orders” link. On the My Orders screen enter your order number or search Find Orders “within all”. You can also send a request via email to: membersupport@himss.org

7. How do I set my HIMSS email subscription preferences?

To set your email subscription preferences, log in to the Member Center and select “Subscription Preferences” from the Member Center drop down menu.

8. How do I remove my email address from HIMSS emails?

Select the unsubscribe link in any email from HIMSS located at the bottom of the email. You can also select the types of emails you wish to receive by setting your subscription preferences when logged into your Member Center profile.

9. How do I put myself back on the HIMSS email lists? I am no longer getting emails.

You can set your subscription preferences at any time when logged into your Member Center profile. Select “solicitation preferences” from the Member Center drop down menu.

10. Why is my name not appearing in the online member directory?

To protect our members’ privacy, addresses listed as a “home” are not viewable in the directory regardless of address publish settings. To be viewable in the directory create a “work” address. You can create a “work” address while logged into your Member Center profile, the address is option is listed in the “My Account” drop down menu items.

11. I need more than the 200 records the site is limited to. Is there a printed version available?

We provide only 200 results as a deterrent to parties looking to create unauthorized mailing lists. Creating and using a mailing list of HIMSS members is prohibited. A print version is not available.

12. I get an error that states that my email address is already in use. Why would my email address be already in use?

Your email maybe in our database for a number of reasons. You may have had a previous purchase interaction with HIMSS such as – a purchase from our HIMSS Bookstore or attendance at a HIMSS conference, or we may have a purchased a prospect list that contained your information. To get a password please use the “forgot password” function. After you obtain a password, login as a returning customer using your email address as your username.

13. My company is a Corporate HIMSS Member. Where can I get my membership number and log in information?

Corporate Membership falls under 4 categories Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, and Gold. You must be on your company’s individual membership list in order to be assigned a log-in ID and password. Email corporatememberinfo@himss.org to request assistance from the Corporate Relations team.

14. Where can I gain access to information on hot topics, research and more?

Healthcare IT is impacted by numerous dynamics — patient outcomes, government legislation and regulation, emerging technologies, industry standards and cost/revenue constraints to name but a few. HIMSS brings together the resources you need in our online resource library.

15. Where can I find a calendar of upcoming HIMSS events?

HIMSS Calendar of Events

16. What discounts do I qualify for as an individual member of HIMSS?

As an individual member of HIMSS, you qualify for numerous discounts. For example, as a member, you receive a discounted rate for all HIMSS events. If you register as an “early bird”, you can save up to 40% on the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. And, you receive an average of 20% off on HIMSS books and resources. 

17. I would like to cancel my individual membership with HIMSS, how do I do so?

HIMSS individual membership can be cancelled at any time by sending your statement of intent to membersupport@himss.org or by regular mail to HIMSS Member Services, 33 W Monroe St Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60603.

Dues paid to HIMSS are non-transferable and non-refundable per HIMSS Bylaws, Sections 5.5 and Section 6.2. Section 5.5 states: Individual membership in HIMSS shall not be transferable to another person. Section 6.2 states: All dues paid to HIMSS shall become the property of HIMSS and shall be used by HIMSS to further the mission of the organization. No portion of the dues paid by any member shall be refundable because of membership being terminated for any reason.

18. My company’s HIMSS member left the company and I would like to change the contact. Can you please update the profile?

HIMSS Memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable per HIMSS Bylaws, Sections 5.5 and Section 6.2. However, one can apply for membership at the HIMSS Member Center, or join via telephone at 312-664-4467.

19. As a member how do I volunteer?

There are many opportunities for involvement in HIMSS. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Professional Communities
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Committees, Task Forces, and Work Groups
  • Chapters
  • Member Advancement
  • Roundtables

To learn more about volunteer opportunities visit: HIMSS Volunteer Opportunities

Also subscribe to the HIMSS Weekly Insider to receive news on new opportunities, events, and other HIMSS news

20. Chapters

HIMSS chapters bring your peers together in a local forum to exchange experiences, gain knowledge and enhance professional growth. Through regular meetings, newsletters and websites, local chapters keep members connected.

HIMSS Regular Membership dues includes a chapter membership at no additional fee. You must select a chapter or select "Opt out of chapter benefit" when completing your membership registration. To update your chapter throughout the year, login to himss.org and go to your account page. Select "Participation" and under the "My Involvement" tab, you can update your "Complimentary Chapter of Choice." You can also become a member of any chapter without joining as a HIMSS Regular Member, chapter dues are $39 per chapter per year.

Chapters are incorporated separately from HIMSS and are governed by their own Boards but do agree to the HIMSS Standardized Chapter Bylaws and policy directives as set by the HIMSS Board of Directors. Chapters remain autonomous as long as they meet requirements set by the HIMSS Board and do not violate the guidelines for a 501(c)(6) status as defined by the IRS.

For a list of chapters and websites visit:

HIMSS Local Chapters

a. I have a question for a member of my Chapter Board of Directors, how do I contact them.

Feel free to reach out to your Chapter president, contact information, territory breakdown, and a link to the chapter's website go to: HIMSS Local Chapters

b. Can I participate in more than one Chapter?

To join an additional chapter, there is a $39 per chapter fee. You can add additional chapters to your membership via your account page at himss.org. 

c. I haven’t received any communication from my Chapter recently, why not?

All Chapters are run by volunteers and their communications vary. If you are interested in helping your Chapter increase their communications or event schedule, please feel free to contact them and offer to help. Chapters are always looking for additional volunteer support.

d. I am a chapter-only member and cannot access the HIMSS member only content. My password and ID are correct.

Chapter only members have limited access to himss.org. Chapter members can log in to update their profile or renew their chapter dues but cannot access HIMSS member only resources, receive discounts to the online store, or serve on a HIMSS committee. If you would like to upgrade your chapter only membership to a HIMSS individual membership, email Member Services for assistance: membersupport@himss.org.

e. I have moved and I would like to change my chapter to a different chapter.

HIMSS has chapters by choice, which allows HIMSS members to change their chapter at anytime. If you would like to change your chapter go to your account page at himss.org or email membersupport@himss.org.

21. What are HIMSS special interest groups?

SIGs – as they’re referred to – are member-created and member-driven groups focused on a single topic. There are many different SIGs currently in existence with new ones always on the horizon. Individual members can join SIGs at no additional fee. To learn more about the SIG program, and join the SIG of your choice, visit the SIG Homepage.

22. What Professional Development opportunities are there for me?

Communities of Profession

HIMSS has created many dynamic communities based on professional role. Its purpose is to articulate a cohesive voice for members based on their professional role and to provide domain expertise, leadership and guidance to HIMSS activities, initiatives, and collaborations within the community. Communities include:

  • Clinical & Business Intelligence Community
  • Early Careerists Community
  • Federal Health Community
  • Healthcare Cybersecurity Community
  • HIMSS Executive Institute
  • Innovation Community
  • Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Community
  • Nursing Informatics Community
  • Physician Community
  • Women in Health IT

Visit the HIMSS Professional Communities page here.

Advancement to Senior and Fellow Status

HIMSS strongly emphasizes and encourages professional development and contributions to the healthcare industry for its members. Individuals have the opportunity to be recognized for their dedication to the Society by applying for Senior Member or Fellow Status after a specified number of continuous membership years. HIMSS national members are chosen for advancement after meeting several criteria based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service to their profession. Individuals who have advanced to Senior Member or Fellow status are leaders within the Society and eligible for running for the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee. Complete details about the advancement program, including an application form, can be found at the Member Advancement Information Page. For specific questions, email DonVielle Young at dyoung@himss.org.


HIMSS maintains two levels of health IT certifications.

The Certified Associate in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CAHIMS) program is an entry level certification for professionals with less than 5 years experience in health IT. This certification demonstrates knowledge of health IT and management systems, facilitating entry-level careers in health IT. It is designed to be a career pathway to the CPHIMS credential.

The Certified Professional in Health Information & Management Systems (CPHIMS) is a professional certification program for healthcare information and management systems professionals. With the CPHIMS certification you distinguish yourself among your peers and expand your career opportunities.

For additional information on CAHIMS or CPHIMS visit the hyperlinks above or email certification@himss.org.

HIMSS JobMine®

JobMine is a powerful, interactive job search engine for job seekers and employers alike. It will help members find new opportunities. For more information visit the HIMSS JobMine page.

23. How do I get selected as a speaker at a HIMSS event?

Speakers for the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

On average, more than 900 proposals are submitted each year for the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. The call for papers opens approximately 11 months prior to the next Global Health Conference & Exhibition and closes approximately 9 months out. Proposals must follow a prescribed format and submission dates are strictly enforced. The Call is widely broadcast electronically to alert individual members of the opportunity. Please contact Deb Clough, Manager of Global Health Conference Education, at dclough@himss.org for additional information.

Speaking Opportunities at other HIMSS Events

HIMSS has a wide variety of events throughout the year including, but not limited to chapter meetings, webinars, Summit, World of Health IT, AsiaPac, and our Virtual Conference & Expo. Through the weekly HIMSS Insider, individual members are alerted when calls for presentation proposals are being accepted. Such speaking opportunities provide excellent professional development and networking for you. If you have additional questions, please email education@himss.org.