HIMSS Future50 Community

The HIMSS Future50 Community is aimed at identifying and bringing together the top healthcare IT leaders who have made significant contributions to digital health from Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. This global community works alongside HIMSS and our partners to overcome current and future systemic health challenges by addressing gaps and needs at the local and regional levels. Every year a new cohort of 50 top international healthcare IT leaders joins the community.  Each cohort has a tenure of one year and continue to engage and serve the community as alums and mentors to new members every year.

What we do?

This community of healthcare IT leaders from the different layers of healthcare ecosystem influence the potential of digital health to improve healthcare for all of us. The Future50 community are encouraged to share expertise, collaborate over borders, and foster innovation both individually and as a group.

HIMSS provides the community with a platform to achieve this and with a mechanism to promote the eHealth agenda at an international level. The community members are expected to participate in dedicated activities and leverage their expertise as content leaders within the existing HIMSS framework. The Community members receive recognition in HIMSS media and events, HIMSS individual Membership for a year, as well as complimentary passes to various HIMSS events year-round.

Future50 Community Member Categories

The HIMSS Future50 Community incorporates leaders who promote digital health agenda in all the fields associated with healthcare. Therefore, the members of the community is broadly classified and listed to five member groups namely; Government, Healthcare IT, Clinical, Patient and Innovation. The Future50 Community thus brings together the potential of top digital health leaders that are scattered across the healthcare ecosystem.

Government Leaders

The members of Government Leader category are people within the public and civil service who have made a significant contribution in the development and implementation of healthcare policy, and have helped deliver results and steer change using information and technology within the public health sector. Their work will shape the future of care delivery on a national level.

Healthcare IT Leaders

The Healthcare IT leaders are persons from healthcare provider organizations who are champions of health IT. These leaders are those who identify and adopt the right digital strategy, and enablers to drive transformational change, leading to better and improved health outcomes for patients.

Clinical Leaders

The members of the clinical leader group are clinical professionals who makes significant contribution in the decision-making process to leverage technology and solutions. These individuals makes exceptional contributions in the field of clinical work, supported by information and technology tools, which  leads to improvements in care delivery and positive outcomes for the patient.

Patient Leaders

Patient Leaders are those who are being personally involving in the healthcare journey as a patient, have been driven by passion to advocate for meaningful healthcare causes and have contributed significantly to improving care delivery in partnership with healthcare providers and policy makers.

Innovation Leaders
The members of Innovation leaders group are those who develops innovative solutions by harnessing emerging, disruptive, and cutting-edge technology to address healthcare pain points.

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