Health 2.0 Communities

Under the Accelerate Health banner, Health 2.0 Communities are local grassroots healthcare innovators with the mission to cultivate and propel health technology in their communities. Members meet virtually and in person to exchange ideas and discuss trends, challenges and solutions that affect their region or area of focus.

Health 2.0 Communities are independent groups across the globe led by prominent regional healthcare technology innovators and fostered by HIMSS. Many have a long history of impacting and evolving ideas and developing market-changing solutions. Each community develops its own programming, agenda and activities while organizing to:

  • Connect: Make connections and advance ideas about new digital products for tackling healthcare’s most challenging problems through pitch competitions, venture capital matchmaking and mentoring.
  • Learn: Provide ongoing education via industry-leading keynotes and digital health demos through boot camps, webinars and podcasts. 
  • Collaborate: Build bridges and collaborate with other digital health leaders and organizations through solution vetting, idea sharing and research.
  • Amplify: Support innovative ideas and inspire the healthcare community toward novel solutions through sponsorships, innovation challenges, and recognition and awards.

Uniting and Inspiring Healthcare Innovators

Health 2.0 Communities reflect a spectrum of possibility in healthcare innovation, along with diversity of thought and perspective. A spirit of support and mutual purpose pervade the mission as all are working toward advancing the digital health ecosystem.  

By connecting in regional groups, these communities coalesce expertise within geographic and resource corridors that reflect what’s happening on the ground, drawing from unique grassroots synergies. They leverage the expertise of stakeholders in clinician-advised approaches, systems thinking and consumer-centered design to ensure digital health products meet real healthcare system and patient needs.  

Out-of-the-Box Thinkers Welcome

Broaden your horizons and expand your possibilities. Meet serious investors, influencers and professionals—like wellness app designers, government leaders seeking impactful change, nurses developing point-of-care solutions, patients with unique user experience perspectives, physician inventors seeking accelerants, forward-thinking hospital executives and more.

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