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HIMSS Dutch Community

The mission of the HIMSS Dutch Community is to share knowledge and insights with its members to help them deliver better Dutch healthcare through information and technology.

HIMSS Europe launched the HIMSS Dutch Community at HIMSS Europe’s World of Health IT (WoHIT) event in Nice, France in April 2014. The community is driven by the Dutch Community Advisory Council, with experts and thought leaders from the Netherlands, and it is primarily aimed at Dutch professionals working in health information and technology.

The Dutch Community provides its members with access to a national and international network made up of digital health leaders, enabling them to stay up to date on the latest digital innovations in the health field. It ensures that Dutch stakeholders have access to the most insightful leaders and cutting-edge technology, and that their knowledge sharing grows as technology and innovation continue to advance and transform how healthcare is delivered. The community does this by using major regional and global HIMSS events for its bigger gatherings. For a number of years, the Dutch Community delegations have been the biggest international delegations to HIMSS global and European conferences. The biggest priority of the community is ensuring the sustainability of Dutch healthcare, which it does by drawing on knowledge and inspiration from similar and different health systems around the globe.

The Dutch Community hosts delegations and events that focus on knowledge sharing through educational sessions focused on key trends in healthcare in the Netherlands, featuring local and international speakers. The Dutch Community Advisory Council elects a special programme committee for each delegation and event, assuring that qualitative sessions will be hosted. Networking is also highly valued by the community. The Holland House receptions, organized by partner organization Cognicum during the HIMSS events, are key to continuing Dutch Community conversations and building new relationships.

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