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HIMSS French Community

The HIMSS French Community seeks to promote the use and adoption of health information and technology within the French-speaking territories of Europe to improve French healthcare system delivery. It provides a forum for francophone professionals from public and private sector information and technology, medical and health sciences to network and collaborate.

The community’s organisational partners operate as peers in the co-creation process by offering useful market insights on the status quo, pain points, trends and national eHealth priorities in the regions of France, Belgium and Switzerland, among others.

The French Community provides its members with access to a national and international network of digital health leaders, ensuring they stay up to date on the latest digital innovations in the health field. It hosts education sessions that feature both local and international speakers, connecting its members with peers not only in Europe but also in the U.S. and other parts of the world. With its partners, the community hosts delegations to the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, where it hosts education sessions on key trends in French healthcare system delivery.

The community also endorses and contributes to regional events. It is especially well known for organising HIMSS Liège, with its first edition in 2017, held at the University Hospital of Liège (CHU) in commemoration of its 200-year birthday, and with a second edition in 2019, resulting in a dynamic and interactive congress with additional workshops and a hospital visit.

The French Community continues to make its mark on the health information and technology sector in the French-speaking region of Europe. It promotes education, collaboration and the adoption of best practices in order to deliver better healthcare. The community also provides its members with training sessions designed to foster intense knowledge exchange, as well as networking opportunities at the highest level.

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