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HIMSS Iberian Community

The HIMSS Iberian Community aims to improve and promote the use of health information and technology to deliver better healthcare in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Launched in 2014, the community provides its members with the opportunity to share knowledge and to network within these countries and their regions. It brings together professionals from IT, medicine and health sciences from both the public and private sectors, all striving toward the same goal of transforming health through information and technology.

The Iberian Community regularly organises a number of events and workshops to address current needs and issues in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. The community convenes at conferences, workshops and networking events, and also prepares presentations, panel discussions, webinars and workshops, and organises hospital tours.

The community has been a key actor organising several editions of the HIMSS Europe CIO Summits in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, all held in Spain.

The Iberian region, with Spain and Portugal in the forefront, has traditionally led the ranking of hospitals in Europe with the highest implementation of electronic medical records, according to the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM). One of the priorities of the community is ensuring interoperability between its countries and regions in relation to electronic medical records, drawing on knowledge and inspiration from similar and different health systems around the globe.

The HIMSS Iberian Community continues to make its mark on the health information and technology field in the region, promoting education, collaboration and the adoption of best practices in order to deliver better healthcare. It also provides its members with training sessions designed to foster intensive knowledge exchange, as well as networking opportunities at the highest level.

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